Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easy and Cheap Photo Holder

My daughter wanted to make something for her two good friends for Christmas...and they ended up being more of a Happy Day present because we didn't quite have them done for Christmas.  They turned out pretty cute.  The best part is that they cost less than $1.  Of course it would be more expensive if you don't have craft supplies already but once you buy them they would last a long time.  I only had to pay for the pictures.  I got the wood from a friend that is a contractor.  I just asked him to bring me some scraps.  We used some paper I already had and ribbons from my stash.  The wire was also some I had left from other craft projects.  A little paint and mod podge and you have a CUTE and personal photo holder.  I also made some like this before Christmas for Christmas card holders.  You can personalize them with words, stickers, wood cut-outs.  Whatever you want.
You just need to drill small holes at the top of the 2x4 and twist a wire around the end of some needle-nose pliers.  You don't even have to glue the wire in the holes so it can be taken apart and stored easier.

This is a PERFECT project to do with kids because you really can't mess it up.

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Heather said...

Very cute, creative and fun. I like this idea.