Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tool Belt

I made this tool belt quite awhile ago but it was a BIG hit so I had to post about it.  I saw a cute tool belt tutorial and decided I could sew one really quick. I showed my son what I was going to do and got him to clean his room and the living room in record speed! I modified it here and there and it  ended up taking a little longer than I thought but I have to say it turned out pretty cute.  It doesn't take much fabric at all and I just used bias tape for the accents.  SO EASY!  It has velcro on the waistband so it's super easy to take on and off. 
The best part is that he LOVES it! All his tool toys suddenly became his favorites again. He had to change into carpenter pants because "that's what worker guys wear."
He wouldn't take it off all day. He even wore it to the store the next day.  I got to see his CUTE little tongue sticking out when he concentrated on his 'work'.  I had to hear the annoying pounding all day long but the sewing time and annoying pounding was worth his excitement.
And his giggle...well I'd do just about anything for that!

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