Friday, January 7, 2011

Just SICK!

I had great plans of starting to post pictures of all the handmade Christmas projects I worked on for the last two months.  Well....that may not be possible now unless I collect photos from everyone I gave them to.  We may have lost EVERY picture and video from 2010 last night.  We recently moved everything over to our external hard drive and rebooted our computer.  Good idea, right?  We thought so too!  This worked great until last night when the screen saver froze and my husband got frustrated trying to shut it down because it was taking too long and just did a hard shut down by turning it off himself.  When he tried to restart it I KNEW we had a problem.  We unhooked the external hard drive and it started up just fine.  When we hooked the drive back up it showed everything was there.  I instantly went to the Family pictures folder to check on the files that I was most worried about.  NOT GOOD!  Some folders seemed to be fine but some wouldn't open and it asked I wanted to reformat the drive.  Um...NO!!! Once I checked the 2010 folder I was a MESS thinking about everything that is gone just from that year that I didn't even stick around to know what else is not working.  I am PRAYING that a computer geek will be able to find and recover everything.  Until blog may get further and further behind.  It makes me sick to even look at photo files right now.

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