Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make your own Valentines

Okay, I can't stand it.  I must post something.  Since I don't have pictures of all my Christmas gift projects anymore (but hope to have them back soon) I figured I would make a post of some fun Valentine ideas. Yes, I know it's still weeks away but I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!  I don't expect lots of money to be spent for Valentine's Day and I hate the people make WAY too big a deal of it.  You should show people you love them all year and not just on one day.  I love Valentine's day for the fun things you can create and the reminder it is to me of how lucky I am to have so many people to love.  I'm all about doing something homemade instead of the generic store-bought cards.  I just love finding a fun idea to create!  I'm already thinking of a fun project for my daughter to take to school.

I figured I would share the fun Valentine's we made last year.  We made little purses for my daughter's class using THIS template.  We cut them out of a cute paper, attached a ribbon for the handle and then folded a little bag of sweetheart candy inside and closed it with a foam sticker.  She LOVED them!
My son was not about to give away purses but he was okay with handing out mice to his friends.  It did take some convincing to have him use pink paper though.  The would be cute any color I would guess.  They are just made out of  different sizes of hearts, a little pipe cleaner and a googly eye.  I didn't use cardstalk but will if I ever make these again.  Construction paper was WAY too flimsy!
I got some cookie flowers from a friend a few years ago and had to make some of my own.  SO EASY and SO CUTE!  All you  need is a few kabob sticks, any cookies you can stick them through and some gummy candies.  You could really use your imagination on these and make a really cute cookie bouquet.  This was a last minute one I made to go to a friend's house a couple years ago.
Sugar cookies are ALWAYS a must.  I made one for my husband our first Valentine's Day and it's become a tradition.  My kids even look forward to their own cookie.  You can't go wrong with heart shaped pancakes and chokecherry syrup.  And...there are times of COMPLETE shock when my husband comes home with flowers.
I'm excited that we'll be with my family for Valentine's Day this year. I'm excited to help my daughter get her Valentine's ready for her class to leave with her teacher because she'll miss the class party...she's NOT happy with me!

Chocolate dipped cookie and cake suckers are on my list of fun Valentine treats.  YAY!!!

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